obsidianAliens aren’t the first characters that come to mind when I picture a good read, but I was pleasantly surprised when I encounter Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout.  This book combines humour with sci-fi fantasy themes to create an enjoyable journey.

Without giving too much away, Obsidian tells the story of a teenaged girl named Katy, who moves to a lonely town in West Virginia three years after the death of her father (yes, I know.  Dead parent and isolated town are starting to build a mountain of cliché’s but bear with me please!).  Desperate to find some sort of friend, Katy has an instant bond with her next door neighbor, Dee, who is bubbly and funny and way too beautiful to be human (hint hint!).  Unfortunately, Katy doesn’t take too well to Dee’s brother Daemon, who is rude and sarcastic and incessantly nasty to her.  On top of that, he is just as gorgeous as his sister and has a set of abs that you could break rocks on.  After Dee takes Daemon’s car keys and tells them both to make nice, Katy puts up with her friend’s brother…and that’s when things start to get strange.  Like, weird flashes of light and people in black suits looking like secret agents strange.  Turns out, there’s a bunch of aliens living in Katy’s town, Dee and Daemon included!  Whenever they use their freaky alien powers around humans, a trace rubs off on them, lighting them up like a beacon for all the evil aliens who are hunting the good guys.  Did I mention there are evil aliens too?  Until Katy’s trace fades, she is forced to stick around Daemon, which is both a blessing and a curse.  On the one hand, he is extremely easy on the eyes.  On the other, he’s still a huge jerk.

My only cons about this novel would be the use of clichés, but as hard as we try writers will never be able to escape them, and so I’m willing to let the fact that Katy has a dead dad and lives in an isolated town slide.  I was a bit disappointed when I first encountered Daemon, because I could tell right from the beginning that he was going to be the love interest and I think there always needs to be a bit of mystery surrounding characters when it comes to the romantic storyline, but he’s hot and funny, so meh.

Final verdict: Obsidian, even with its relatively simple plotline, is packed full of witty lines and interesting action, so it is a quick read that fantasy lovers will DEFINITELY enjoy.  And did I tell you about Daemon’s abs?  Yeah, his abs.  His abs.  ABS.

Worth the read, and I look forward to delving into the rest of the series.



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