Fire.jpgAfter reading a Kristin Cashore masterpiece like Graceling (Totally ‘Killer’ Read!), you wouldn’t think you’d come across many other showstoppers like that, huh?  And really, how many times can you re-read a book before it becomes sad…even for bookworms like us?  Well, if you’re suffering from Graceling deprivation I am here to offer up a cure.  Fire, also by Kristin Cashore, is just as good and in my opinion even better than the first book.  As I mentioned in my previous post you can read these two books in any order and it will still make sense.

Set in a different world to that of Graceling, the main character, Fire, is what the people of the Dells call a monster.  She is devastatingly beautiful, and has spent her life protecting herself from other monsters…and people…who want to either kiss her or kill her.  Aside from her unearthly beauty, Fire has a talent for reading minds, a power that is intimidating and frightening even to herself.  She can make anyone susceptible to her wishes with looks alone, and crush free will in a single thought.

When she is called upon to help in interrogations by the King of the Dells, Fire battles with the boundaries of her power, fighting against what is right and what lines must never be crossed, all the while trying to find a place where she is safe…which is nowhere.

Much like Graceling, there really aren’t that many cons surrounding this book.  Fire is a wonderfully developed character, and the complexity of the language used throughout the book make it a challenging yet enjoyable read for someone who likes a novel that refuses to be put down.  Oh, and did I mention there’s more than one pretty guy in here?  I mean…LOADS of really pretty guys.  And they all have attractive royal titles.  Cashore has combined aspects of romance with periodic drama and a twisting storyline that will ensnare the reader.

Final verdict: READ.  Graceling is my second favourite book in the world, and this is my first.  I highly recommend it to everyone and anyone.  There’s even sufficient blood and guts to satisfy our desire for gore.  Beautifully written.  Heart-stopping.  Just read it.

NOTE: Let me know if there are any books you’d like to see reviewed on Epilogue and feel free to comment if you have read any of the books I review―I’d love to hear your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “Totally ‘Hot’ Read!

    1. I’m just in love with this book because I’m seriously obsessed with periodic drama…and I’m not even kidding. OBSESSED. Thanks so much for commenting!

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